What are the directions for mixing Tropic Marin salts?
Please read through before mixing your salt.
     Using RO/DI water, bring the water to the temperature you will be using in your tank.  With a power head or some other kind of pump circulating the water, slowly add almost all of the salt mix (approximately 1/2 cup per gallon or 150 grams per gallon or 5.29 ounces by weight per gallon) to the full volume of water.  Do not concentrate the mixture by adding the full amount of salt to a smaller amount of water. ALWAYS ADD THE SALT TO THE WATER, never the water to the salt.  When you have added ALMOST all of the salt, and the mixture is fully dissolved and clear, start measuring the specific gravity with a hydrometer or similar instrument. Keep adding small amounts of salt until the specific gravity is the value you desire. Then let the solution continue to circulate until all the salt is fully dissolved and the solution is completely clear.

How much salt should I use?
    Use approximately 1/2 cup per gallon (or 150 grams per gallon or 5.29 ounces by weight per gallon).  Always check your specific gravity with a hydrometer or similar instrument before putting in all of your salt to make sure it is at the value you desire.

Can I make a concentrated mixture of the salt by adding a little water to the full amount of salt?
    No, you must only add the salt to the full amount of water.  Making a concentrated mixture will cause a calcium carbonate precipitate to form.

What are the differences between the three types of Tropic Marin Salt?
    Values are approximate guidelines and are meant to reflect values measured at a salinity of 35 PSU which is equal to a specific gravity of 1.0264.

Classic: Ca: 370-390 ppm, Mg: 1250-1300 ppm, Alk: 9-10 dKH
Pro-REEF: Ca: 430-450 ppm, Mg: 1300-1350 ppm, Alk: 7-8 dKH
Bio-ACTIF:  Ca: 430-450 ppm, Mg: 1300-1350 ppm, Alk: 8-9 dKH, plus carbon dosing compounds.
Syn-Biotic:  Ca: 430-450 ppm, Mg:  1300-1350 ppm, Alk: 8-9 dKH, plus carbon dosing compounds, pro-biotic bacteria and de-nitrifying bacteria.  (only available from Tropic Preferred Dealers).

Which salt should I use?
  If you have a community reef or a fish only tank with no special requirements and the desired alkalinity range is 9-10 dkH, you should use the Classic Salt Mix.

  If you have a reef tank with higher calcium requirements and  there is a desire to maintain alkalinity in the 6-8 dkH range, you should use the Pro-Reef Salt Mix.  If you have a Ca or Kalk reactor, the Pro-Reef Salt should be used.

  If you are carbon dosing your reef tank and an ultra-low nutrient system is desired, then the Bio-ACTIF System salt is what you should use.

Have questions about the Balling Method? Watch this video for basic explanation.

If you have any other questions, please contact our office.  If you are having issues with your tank, please have a list of all the additives you are putting in your tank.