In order to become a Tropic Marin Preferred Dealer, the store must agree to the following:
To purchase the special Product Shelf Starter Kit for $50 (fill our form and send with check to our office),
To provide ample shelf space for Tropic Marin products using the shelf talkers and to replenish these product when sold,
To use Tropic Marin Salt in their store's tank system or at least one of their show tanks,
To always have in stock, one each of the three types of Tropic Marin 200 gallon salt buckets (Classic, PRO-REEF, BIO-ACTIF SYSTEM),
Along with their staff, they will attend a Sales Training Webinar.
As a Tropic Marin Preferred Dealer, the store has access to the following:

A choice of two types of specially priced store-use 230 gallon bags Tropic Marin salt mix to be used in the store's system as well as the pre-mixed saltwater the store sells and their maintenance tanks.
Tank stickers for each of their saltwater tanks where they use Tropic Marin Seasalt.
Three 17" four-colored self-adhesive shelf talkers. These talkers lay out exactly how to put the products on the shelf and have eye catching graphics with a QR Code that will take their customer to the Tropic Marin website if they would like more information on a specific product. There is a special slot for new products on each of the shelf talkers where the store can rotate and display the new products of their choice.
A large vinyl banner with the photo and size of their choice.  (The photo choice taken from graphics on shelf talkers). This banner will have the store's logo matched with the Tropic Marin logo promoting to their customer that they proudly use Tropic Marin salt in their store system and recommend Tropic Marin products. The choice of sizes are:  2.5'x 4', 2.5'x 6', or 2.5' x 8'.
The store's contact information will be placed on the Tropic Marin USA website in the special Preferred Dealer section.

Tropic Marin will provide sales training for the store's staff via a webinar or, if we are in the area, in-store training about Tropic Marin's products to help boost their sales.
Tropic Marin will also be available to provide the Basic Reef Chemistry Webinar for the store's customers via skype or in person, if Tropic Marin is in the area.
Preferred Dealers will have access to all Tropic Marin products (by the case lot) that their distributors don't carry, directly from Tropic Marin.
Preferred Dealers will have access to periodic special offers and discounts from their distributor.
We do our best to visit our Preferred Dealers at least once a year to see how they are doing.  In the meantime, we are always available to answer your questions, your customers' questions or to schedule sales training classes.  Part of our program is to help you understand and sell Tropic Marin products.
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