We, at Tropic Marin, feels it is important to teach people of all ages about the creatures that live in our oceans and how to take proper care of them.  One of the best places to start are with our children.
School Programs For All Grades
Mr. Ruthersford's Class
We love to work with young people to inspire their interest in aquatics.  We are available to provide your class with a free "question and answer" session to discuss general reef keeping.  We have shared several sessions with Mr. Rutherford and his amazing and inquisitive kids at the Stratton Elementary School in Champagne, IL.

We are proud to support the efforts of Jon Swanson and the E.O. Smith Coral Project.
We offer a webinar designed for the beginner aquarist but still informative for the advanced reef keeper.  Visit our "Webinar" page (link above) for more information.